Things that make you go ‘hmmmm… !?’

Inspiration and creativity in business are important. They create innovation and opportunity. 

Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) talks provide a wonderful and diverse mine of information, learning and inspiration. Here are a few video and article links that we have particularly enjoyed and don’t be surprised if they are not all directly business-related, ultimately ‘everything connects’.

TED talks  Ideas worth spreading

‘You Gotta Have Heart’ – ‘Damn Yankees’ was made in 1958 by Warner Bros. and directed by George Abbott and Stanley Donen; music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

Here Is the One Surprising Thing All Successful Entrepreneurs Have

So many entrepreneurs try and fail, so what are they missing? It’s not easy to develop, but it’s the key to success.

Kevin Daum – .inc 3/12/2014

A while back, I sat on a panel at a conference for entrepreneurs. There were three successful entrepreneurs and myself. As usual, the classic question came up, “What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?” The first panelist said, “Passion! You must be passionate, or you’ll never achieve success.” Of course, every passionate wannabe in the audience applauded. Read the rest of the article>

Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

“Suppose you want to design the best company on earth to work for. What would it be like? For three years we’ve been investigating this question by asking hundreds of executives in surveys and in seminars all over the world to describe their ideal organization. This mission arose from our research into the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership. Simply put, people will not follow a leader they feel is inauthentic. But the executives we questioned made it clear that to be authentic, they needed to work for an authentic organization.

What did they mean? Many of their answers were highly specific, of course. But underlying the differences of circumstance, industry, and individual ambition we found six common imperatives. Together they describe an organization that operates at its fullest potential by allowing people to do their best work.

We call this “the organization of your dreams.” In a nutshell, it’s a company where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun; the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them; the organization stands for something meaningful; the work itself is intrinsically rewarding; and there are no stupid rules.”

Harvard Business Review Magazine, 2013

* Things that make you go hmmmm… is a song by American dance artist C+C Music Factory. It was released in June 1991